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Add:No.4 Huazhong Road,Chongqing (changshou)Chemical Industrial Park,Chongqing,401221,China
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Chongqing Kangle Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.was established in 1988. It is located at No. 4 Huazhong Road, Chongqing(Changshou) Chemical and Industry Park which is the National chemical industry park . Now it is controlled by Beijing Unisplendour Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.
The APIs and intermediates manufactured in Kangle company are produced by synthesis method. Our management policy is: market-oriented and quality centred. Some of our products have been listed in the catalogue of China hi-tech products, and 80% of them are for export. The main products in our company are anti-malaria APIs. In 2012, our company was inspected by USFDA and the facility was classified as acceptable.  In Jan 2015 we have got through the re-inspection by USFDA.
Beijing Unisplendour Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. formerly known as Beijing tsinghua pharmaceutical factory. Companies relying on Tsinghua University, through a series of restructuring, the introduction of strategic investment, has gradually developed into a comprehensive large-scale pharmaceutical enterprises. The company has proprietary Chinese medicine, chemical medicine preparations, biochemical drugs, biological products and so on all series products; With large production base; Have a sound medical sales system; Form the development layout of the whole industrial chain.



Add:No.4 Huazhong Road,Chongqing (changshou)Chemical Industrial Park,Chongqing,401221,
China Tel:(Sales)+86-23-62503614,62508731,62513799 (Office)+86-23-68980201
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